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Chain check machine
  • Chain omnipotence correction machine
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Product Introduction:
AYW-200, AYW-300, AYW-500
“ chain universal correction machine ” compared with the calibration machine used by chain manufacturers, it has obvious advantages:
1, have the innovative function: it is an intelligent chain correction machine, and a high performance chain strength test machine, at the same time, it is also a chain automatic steel word marking printer, it is the &ldquo of three machines; Transformers ” the three use functions can be completed as long as the fixture is replaced and the control program is selected. The realization of a multi - use machine.
2, the correction margin is not restricted, which provides a realistic technology platform for the innovation of chain technology.
3, the correction load is not restricted. The series of machine tools are adapted to the calibration requirements of various line sizes of different specifications chain products. It is an ideal equipment for correcting the large size chain (the school force).
4. The series of machine tools can be aged in the process of correction (arbitrary seat full load stay). It is the best choice for the chain (quench state chain), making the plastic deformation of the chain full, correcting the quality and improving the quality of the chain.
5, calibration and testing can be monitored and controlled throughout the whole process, real-time screen displays working curves, automatically saves data or outputs work reports.
6, the correction of the deformation and correction of the dual elements of the implementation of both control and control, and the correction force exceeds the normal range of the fluctuation, alarm.
7. The lifting mechanism adopts a simple double outlet cylinder structure, which simplifies the mechanism, reduces the hidden troubles and ensures the stability of the loading and unloading chain.
8. With computer program control, parameter adjustment can be operated on the screen when it changes product specifications. It is simple and convenient.
9. When used as an independent printer, the offset distance of the chain can be adjusted by program data and set according to requirements.
10. When using the test machine, its performance is better than the ordinary universal testing machine. It can display or output &ldquo, load &mdash, deformation &rdquo, test curve or “ time — load ” the curve, especially suitable for the load aging test of chain, is used to determine the other testing requirements of process parameters or process test, before inspection. The technological effect of different parameters in the process is a powerful tool for chain process innovation.
product parameters:
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