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Chain pair welder
  • Chain automatic welding machine
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Product Introduction:
The chain automatic welding machine refers to the German advanced technology, uses the resistance 2 pass method to weld the low carbon alloy steel lifting chain, the chain ring transport, rotation, welding, upsetting, deburring, and other nineteen processes, through the encoder and PC control, can carry on manual, point movement, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation. It is stable and reliable, easy to maintain, and safe for failure protection. Its main performance has reached the level of similar products abroad. The product is mainly used to weld the ring chain of heavy circle, and it can also be used in the welding of various circular chains, such as anti slip chain, binding chain, mining chain and so on. The effect is remarkable, and it can reach 80 levels.

product parameters:
Machine tool model XSH-75 type XSH-125 type
Scope of work φ 4-φ 6mmφ 6-φ 10mm
Chain ring pitch 11-30mm18-50mm
Production efficiency 40-50 (ring / sub) 30-50 (ring / sub)
Transformer: New epoxy resin casting sealed water cooling temperature control New epoxy resin casting sealed water cooling temperature control
Rated load duration 20%20%
Rated capacity 75KVA125KVA
Rated power 3KW4KW
Rated speed Speed control (with brake) Speed control (with brake)
Controller: PLCPLC
Rotary encoder 600 (turn / score) 600 (turn / score)
Secondary no-load voltage 4-10 adjustable (V) 4-10 adjustable (V)
Cooling water:    
Pressure 0.15-0.3 (Mpa) 0.15-0.3 (Mpa)
Consumption 20 (liter / fraction) 20 (liter / fraction)
Temperature 15≤ T≤ 25 (c) 15≤ T≤ 25 (c)
Gas supply pressure ≥ 0.65 (Mpa) ≥ 0.65 (Mpa)
Work pressure 0.45≤ P≤ 0.65 (Mpa) 0.45≤ P≤ 0.65 (Mpa)
Air consumption 5 (liter every work cycle) 8 (liter every work cycle)
Power 80 (KW) 130 (KW)
Machine tool size 1800mm× 950mm× 1500mm2300mm× 1200mm× 2000mm
Machine tool weight 2T3T

  machine tool model   XSH-250 type   XSH-450B type (enhanced)
  working range (welding diameter)   φ 11-φ 16mm  φ 13-φ 22mm
  chain ring pitch   35-65mm  39-120mm
  production efficiency   22-35 (ring / sub)   9-21 (ring / sub)
  transformer   a new type of intermediate frequency DC resistance welding transformer   a new type of intermediate frequency DC resistance welding transformer
  rated load duration   50%  50%
  rated capacity   250KVA  450KVA
  rated power   7.5KW  11KW
  rated speed   stepless speed regulation (belt brake)   stepless speed regulation (belt brake)
  controller:   PLC (SIEMENS)   PLC (SIEMENS)
  rotary encoder   600 (turn / score)   600 (turn / score)
  secondary no-load voltage   4-10 adjustable (V)   4-12.5 (V) tunable
  cooling water:
  pressure   0.15-0.3 (Mpa)   0.15-0.3 (Mpa)
  consumption   30 (liter / fraction)   45 (liter / fraction)
  temperature   15≤ T≤ 25 (c)   15≤ T≤ 25 (c)
  gas supply pressure   ≥ 0.65 (Mpa)   ≥ 0.65 (Mpa)
  work pressure   0.45≤ P≤ 0.65 (Mpa)   0.45≤ P≤ 0.65 (Mpa)
  air consumption   11 (liter every work cycle)   30 (liter every work cycle)
  power   270 (KW)   500 (KW)
  machine tool size   2600mm× 1700mm× 2600mm  3000mm× 2000mm× 2940mm
  machine tool weight   6T  10T

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