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Company profile
    Hangzhou Xiong Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Yuhang District of Hangzhou City, the ancient town of Tangqi, known as the ancient town of water Township, the traffic is very convenient. The company was founded in 2001, formerly known as the well-known chain automatic welding machine, chain correction equipment manufacturers and other fixed-point matching processing base. After years of refining, with the advantage of existing equipment and technical advantages, the automatic welding equipment of ring chain is made with high automation, good precision, low noise and smooth operation. The main models are XSH75, XSH125, HSH250, XSH300 chain automatic welding machine. And according to the current domestic pitch ring chain production process correction equipment used mainly in the following situation:
    1, line diameter φ the chains under 12mm are all mechanically convex wheel correction machine tools (both imported and copied), and there is no special machine for chain hardening.
    2, line diameter φ 12mm above the chain most of the use of oil cylinder type second-hand correction machine, domestic non performance advanced large tension correction machine tools.
    in view of the above situation, in order to satisfy many chain manufacturers’ thirst for &ldquo, hard school &rdquo, special machine tools and large pull force correction machine tools, our company has developed a series of AYW series &ldquo with independent intellectual property after several years’ professional breakthrough in the technical expert group, and the computer controlled hydraulic pressure. Servo chain universal correction machine ” (referred to as chain universal correction machine). This series of products can fully meet the performance requirements of the current chain production to the calibration machine, and have advanced performance reserve. It is not only a process machine that a high quality chain manufacturer must match, but also provides an advanced technological platform for chain production technology innovation.
    with the advantage of existing equipment and technology, the company made ring chain automatic welding machine and automatic chain chain knitting machine, with high automation, good precision, low noise and smooth operation.
    welcome chain manufacturers to visit.
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